sobota, 20 sierpnia 2016

SOUNDTRACK: Conan Barbarzyńca (1982) - Conan the Barbarian

Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare 


An Age Undreamed Of w Mako Dialogue 


Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom 


Gift Of Fury 


Wheel Of Pain




What Is Best In Life


Atlantean Sword


The Witch 




I Am Evil!/Hitting the Camel 


Escape from the Tower of Set 


Meeting Valeria/Stealing the Eye 


Wealth Can Be Wonderful/King Osric 




The Leaving/The Search


Children of Doom 


The Tree Of Woe




Mountain Of Power Procession 


The Kitchen/The Orgy 


Funeral Pyre


Battle of the Mounds/Resourceful Warrior 


The Death Of Rexor/Conan the Assassin 


The End of Thulsa Doom


Orphans Of Doom/The Awakening 


Conan the King/End Titles (w Mako Dialogue) 

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