niedziela, 19 lutego 2017

SOUNDTRACK: Szklana pułapka (1988) - Die Hard

Die Hard Score ''The Battle'' Soundtrack OST


Die Hard (OST) - Assault on the Tower 


Die Hard (OST) - Let it Snow


Die Hard (OST) Under the Table 


Michael Kamen - Ode To Joy 


Die Hard (OST) - Going After John 


Happy Trails - Die Hard - Michael Kamen


Die Hard (OST) - Have a Few Laughs, Al Powell Approaches 


Going After John Again 


Die Hard (OST) - Santa 


Die Hard Score ''John's Escape You Want Money'' 


Welcome to The Party 


Bill Clay


'He Won't Be Joining Us And If He Alters It''


Attention Police


We've Got Each Other- 


And If He Alters It 


The Fight

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